Development Diary: Modular device framework

Modular device framework
kveroneau(Game Creator)
Nov. 5, 2017, 5:29 p.m.

If any of you is following along on the official Discord server for Hacker's Edge, then you may have seen the recent source code updates to clean up and modularize the devices attached to the Virtual Machine. This will enable easier writing of new devices, and also allow the same set of devices to be used in future Virtual Machines supported by Hacker's Edge in the future. As a side effect, it will also allow devices to be provisioned dynamically in the Mission Designer, which will allow the creation of some rather custom computer systems within the game world. This will also bring forth the ability to have a hardware store within the game, where players can visit to purchase new hardware and devices for their machines using in-game credits.

A few new updates are soon slated to make an appearance, such as a debug key which mission designers can press on their keyboard to display the current CPU state, such as the registers, program counter, stack pointer, and so on. This should aid in future development and the overall debugging of in-game programs. This feature will not be available during regular gameplay as it is technically a form of cheating, and mission designers are advised to not abuse their ability to use this function in-game, and limit it's use to pure debugging and not to gain an advantage in-game. Furthermore, I am not sure if the mission designers noticed, but there is an in-game function which can temporarily downgrade their character to a normal character with no special mission designer abilities. I highly suggest that the mission designers use this feature while attempting to play the game as a regular player. Nobody likes cheaters.

That is it for today's development diary update. I just wanted to let everyone know who is following Hacker's Edge, that it is still in active development, although slow at times.