Development Diary: Hacker's Edge FTP Server is back!

Hacker's Edge FTP Server is back!
kveroneau(Game Creator)
Dec. 30, 2017, 4:27 a.m.

Since the HostFS device was re-implemented back in Hacker's Edge, the FTP Server which was available and enabled direct access into your in-game hosts has now made a return. And with a few extras to boot!

Since the new game engine code supports multiple player controlled machines, the FTP server needed to be reworked to easily allow access to all of the machines. Now, when a player connects to FTP with a character, a list of folders will be displayed, each with an IP address of their in-game host which has a HostFS device. Clicking into this folder will show the contents of that host's file system.

As an added bonus, the FTP root directory is now free to be used for more purposes. You will also see a directory called manuals which contains the many in-game manuals available in-game normally by running manuals. Also added are 2 new text files in the root, one is the message of the day from the server, and the other is a read me file.

I will also be adding directories for the development kit, along with code examples. Look forward to these new additions coming soon to the FTP server.

The FTP server should help any player whom needs to either copy files from or to their host, such as a locally compiled or assembled program. The FTP Server should be of even more use to mission designers, since now they can easily drag and drop files around from machine to machine.


Port: 2121

Username: Character username

Password: Character password