Development Diary: So much progress over the holidays

So much progress over the holidays
kveroneau(Game Creator)
Jan. 1, 2018, 12:22 a.m.

What to say, what to say... Over the past couple of days a lot of progress has been made finally bring Hacker's Edge into open beta for all to join in.

Today I fixed many bugs and closed many issues as a result. The official in-game OS, HackerOS is coming along very nicely. I made progress in getting the C library working much better, and as a result I wrote the in-game cat tool which displays the contents of a file in the C language. I will be updating the C library so that it can easily work with the many in-game virtual devices, so you can control the cursor positions, read mouse input, open a network port for listening, and connect to a remote network port. The use of 65c02 assembly in-game should be limited to more advanced players who want complete control, or to create very compact programs. Otherwise, the C language should be enough for most players to use eventually.

Now, a question for myself... Should I create the in-game hexdump tool in C, or should I create an API and code it in Python within the server... My original idea was indeed the latter to get things moving along. However, with the cat program working nicely, and cat not being entirely different from a hex dumping utility, it might be worth building it in C, and having it run in native 65c02 machine code. I believe I will try making it in C first.

The next steps are to test out all the existing virtual devices and make sure they are working as I am expecting. I am very much hoping to release the game in open beta by New Years Day to start the year off with a bang! This means that unless I can really code up a storm, the game will lack proper in-game services at first, such as DNS, mail, among others. However, I am hoping the overall interest in the game will keep me motivated to get these all out as soon as possible.

Oh, and if you haven't already, you should join the Discord community. The forums on this site aren't used as much lately, as everyone is actively chatting on Discord.